9 Free Email Autoresponder Tools For Bloggers and Online Marketers


Are looking for free autoresponder tools to minimize your email marketing efforts?

Don’t worry, I’ve found 9 free autoresponder tools that can literally help you automate your email marketing campaign. And the best part, you don’t need to pay monthly bills until you start making enough money from your online business or blog.

Let’s start with answering a simple question ‘What is an Autoresponder and why it is important?’

What is an Autoresponder and why it is important?

Autoresponder is an essential part of an email marketing strategy by which you can send automated emails to your list with certain rules.

Online businesses, individual marketers, and bloggers use email autoresponders to create email follow-ups/ sequences to get more sales and conversions without actually involving in the sales process.

Let me make this clear for you…

Suppose, you have a blog that talks about healthy recipes. And if you want to build an email list so what can you do for collecting emails?

There are two options….

  • Manual
  • Autoresponder

So if you do it manually, it’s going to be overwhelmed because you have to work with too many data points at a time.

I mean, you are a human and you can’t devote 24 hours just collecting emails, sending welcome emails, and follow-ups/sequences to feed your email list.

Practically, it’s not possible. So what can you do instead?

Simple… use an autoresponder.

Almost every email marketing tool has an autoresponder to create automated email marketing campaigns.

With this you can perform some predefined tasks such as sending a welcome email when someone subscribes to your email list, conditioning your email responses based on actions your subscribers take. For example, you can trigger your campaign only if people click a link in your welcome email, or maybe you want to trigger a different email campaign if they didn’t even open your email.

This is how you can draw people into your marketing process to generate sales on autopilot.

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