Pinterest for Bloggers: How I Drive 10,000+ Visitors per Month to My Blog from Pinterest

What is the hardest part of blogging?

For me, it’s ‘DRIVING TRAFFIC’. And that’s because I haven’t focused on off-page SEO which is usually related to link-building, social media, and other off-site signals.

And because of this, I didn’t get any traffic from Google

In fact, I underestimated the power of link-building, even though I knew it could significantly increase my traffic and authority.

I just kept on creating content and focused on On-Page-SEO instead of Off-Page-SEO.

But the sad truth is that you won’t rank on Google just by publishing content.

This is the biggest mistake I have been making for years. The reason is simple; firstly I don’t have time for guest blogging or performing off-site SEO strategies including link-building. And secondly, I don’t have money to outsource link-building. (This is the most expensive SEO technique.)

And because of that, I thought of quitting blogging as I was getting little or no traffic for many months.

But before I give up, I decided to try Pinterest because somewhere along the way I heard that Pinterest is a goldmine for driving traffic to a blog.

And guess what? It did work…

Within 5 months, I was able to generate over 10K visitors to my blog just from PINTEREST.

In fact, during the month of May 2019, my traffic went up to 35,000+ visitors (from the screenshot)…

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