What Is Personal Growth And Why Is It Important?

It’s going to be an interesting piece that can help you understand personal-Growth deeply.

Moreover, you’re going to find some examples of Personal Growth that can help you with personal growth.

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Let’s start with a simple definition…

In short, personal growth is a change that positively impacts your life.

The change can be anything from improving your communication skills to boosting your self-esteem. OR maybe you can call it a physical or a mental change.

Actually, it’s a subset of personal development.

Let’s make it a bit easier…

The change is inevitable. And there is no growth without change. And you need to develop a set of skills to have that change in your life.

Listen, you born with some fundamental human characteristics. Like, you can see, you can walk, you can speak, you can think and so on…

You don’t need to learn or develop these fundamental characteristics as these become better & better over time.

For example, when you born, you can’t walk but as you grow up, you gradually have it. Well, it’s a biological phenomenon.

But it’s not part of my discussion.

So here my point is that personal growth is not a biological phenomenon that happens to every species on the earth. Rather, it’s something that you do about yourself to make the existing one extraordinary or develop something valuable to bring that positive change in your life.

There are two levels of Personal Growth…

Mental level — It is all about unlocking your inner potential. And having a growth mindset can make it even easier.

You have to work on your thoughts, read or educate yourself, meditate, yoga, stay focused, and eliminate distractions to prepare yourself mentally

To achieve an absolute level of mental Growth you have to learn how to…

By having these qualities, you can control your emotions, stay focused and eliminate distractions.

Physical level — It is about shaping and expanding your outer boundaries. And for this, you need to work on your body, eat healthily and be productive.

To achieve physical Growth you need to develop the following qualities…

Obviously, to achieve the pinnacle of personal growth you need to work at both levels because the two are interlinked.

For example, if you improve yourself mentally, you are more likely to convince yourself to take care of your physical health.

That can eventually take you a step further to improve your thoughts, your actions, and your behavior which ultimately make your life better.

Personal Growth is important to develop good human behavior, personality, and mindset. It improves the basic characteristics of a person.

On top of all, the greatest success comes from your intentional Personal Growth.

It includes how to behave in public and private, how to improve your standard of living, how to achieve big in life, how to communicate, how to act and most importantly how to control your emotions & negative thoughts.

There is more to include here. But for now, here are a few reasons why personal growth is important?

It includes -

  1. Changing Habit — Improve an existing habit or developing a new one
  2. Changing daily Routine — Add or remove something that can improve your daily routine.
  3. Changing Behavior — Bad behavior can IMPACT your personality which lowers your personal growth.
  4. Changing Mindset — A positive mindset can give you clear thoughts so that you’re more likely to take intuitive actions in your life.
  5. Take Actions — Observe yourself, your action, and reactions to understand the real you and what action you need to take.
  6. Challenging yourself

How Do You Achieve Personal Growth?

In short, you can’t achieve personal growth absolutely.

Like I said change only happens if there is growth. Even if you achieved everything, you still need to keep growing yourself to overcome uncertainty and discomfort in your life so you never fall back again.

I mean it’s like climbing a steep mountain, if you stop you’ll fall down. So you need to keep moving to have that change in your life.

Well, I’ve already discussed a lot more about personal growth and if you skim over again, you can definitely find more than enough ways to learn how to approach personal growth.

But to make it even simpler I decided to share something with you…


When I was born, I couldn’t walk and didn’t even know how to eat. But as I grew up, I learned it. (It’s biological growth)

After that, I gradually learned more skills like HOW to speak, how to read, how to write, and how to talk. (Basic level of personal growth)

Little by little I learned the basic characteristics that qualified me to live in society.

On top of all, in my college times, I learned what really matters to me and my life and took wise decisions accordingly that change the course of my life. (Intentional personal growth)

Did you notice? It’s all about learning and executing. The faster you learn, the earlier you execute.

And the earlier you execute, the faster you grow.

In fact, a calendar can only guarantee that you’re going to get older tomorrow. But it doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to get better tomorrow. Unless you have a passion for Personal Growth. _John C Maxwell

In conclusion, Personal Growth is a lifelong process where you need to keep on developing some sort of skills & Qualities every day to improve your life.

And if you really want to know How to approach personal growth then you have to switch your mindset from Goal Conscious to Growth conscious

According to John c Maxwell, if you want to achieve personal growth, you have to be Growth conscious.

I love the way how john Maxwell explained it! Here it is…

According to him, if you’re goal conscious, you’re most likely to focus on the DESTINATION, not the progress.

And if you don’t focus on the progress, you don’t know how to grow & where to go. Because of this, you can’t reach your destination.

It’s like a video game. You can’t pass level one unless you have the skills/experiences to reach the next level. You have to develop that level of value to achieve the next level.

Having a Growth conscious mind can literally help you with personal growth.

What Are Examples Of Personal Growth?

So far, you’ve learned what personal growth is and why it’s important.

Now it’s time to share 8 examples of personal growth… These are the best exercises that can definitely be going to help you with personal growth.

1 — Self-discipline: It enables you to priorities your work and finish it in time and gives you a sense of accomplishment. It’s an important exercise for personal growth.

2 — Self-respect/boost self-esteem: A person with higher self-esteem is more likely to treat himself nicely. He feels confident and respects his own opinion more than others.

3 — Believe in yourself: If you believe in yourself, you are likely to believe in your thoughts and actions.

4 — Build Resilience: How fast you Overcome uncertainties is called resilience. Personal growth is not just growing out of certainty. Often times you face uncertainties in your life and you have to build this quality to overcome uncertainties quickly. The best way you can build resilience is ‘self-esteem’ ( research says)

5 — Overcome fear of failure: fear comes from the lack of belief, poor experiences, and low self-esteem.

6 — Be a good learner: Learning is always important for personal growth.

7 — Work on Micro level: If you put all your energy into a tiny part of your dream, you’re definitely going to achieve it.

8 — Develop Grit or patience — if you are growth conscious, you’re more likely to build grit in you.

Originally published at https://beginnersblog.org on May 15, 2021.

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Professional Blogger | Pinterest Influencer | Affiliate Marketer | Love To Write About Blogging, Money, Personal Growth and More At https://beginnersblog.org/